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Ongoing Support on Your Smoke Free Journey

Quit smoking with Quit Clinics and your health will improve over time


Within 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse drops. After 24 hours carbon monoxide is eliminated from your body. Within days you’ll notice your sense of taste and smell improve.

Short Term

Your circulation will improve meaning exercise becomes easier. Your airways begin to relax and breathing becomes easier. Your energy levels improve.

Long Term

Over time your risk of cancer and heart disease falls. After 5-10 years your risk of developing cancer or heart disease is 50% less than a smoker.

Don’t Wait! Prescriptions issued within 24 hours.


Once completing our online medical questionnaire, an Australian doctor will review your case within 24 hours. Quit Clinics is 100% online which means getting medical support to quit smoking doesn’t have to wait until your GP is next available.


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Experienced and understanding doctors


All Quit Clinics doctors have been approved by the TGA as Authorised Prescribers of Nicotine, including vaping products. All Quit Clinics doctors are passionate about helping smokers quit and understand that it is an incredibly difficult undertaking that requires support. Our doctors will review your individual smoking history and will provide a treatment plan that maximises your chances of quitting for good.


12 Month Prescriptions Available


AU $85.00


Many smokers are able to quit cold-turkey overnight, but for others it takes more time and support. If you have previously tried unsuccessfully to quit, prescription options, like vaping are available. If you’re worried that you will require ongoing help to kick the habit, rest assured that Quit Clinics will provide ongoing support, a tailored weaning schedule to reduce your nicotine use over time, and prescriptions that are valid for up to 12 months.


Improve your wealth


Quitting smoking will save you thousands.


Cigarettes are more expensive in Australia than in any other country. As cigarette prices continue to rise, calculate how much you could save.

How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?

You could save

John Hodder

I’ve tried quitting a few times without much luck, but when my daughter was born I new I had to make a change. It’s been six months now without a cigarette, and we’re planning our first holiday as a family with the money that I’ve saved.

Eugennie Lasso

I started smoking over twenty years ago, when it was a lot more socially acceptable. Slowly it became something less social that I wasn’t enjoying anymore, and it was costing me a fortune. The turning point for me came when I started a new job and there weren’t any other smokers in the office. I couldn’t handle feeling so self conscious coming back from a break smelling of smoke.

Anna Foster

I’ve never been a heavy smoker, but have struggled for years trying to kick the habit completely. I still have occasional cravings in certain situations, but I haven’t been tempted to buy a pack for more than a year now.


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Quit Clinics

5% by 2025


At Quit Clinics we believe that there is no more pressing health issue currently facing Australia than reducing smoking rates.


Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death in Australia, killing more than 20,000 Australians each year. Smoking disproportionally affects lower income, rural, and indigenous Australians.


The National Health Agreement set a target of less than 10% of adults being daily smokers by 2018, a target that sadly wasn’t met. This target has been extended by The Minister for Health to 2025.


At Quit Clinics, we believe this target can be achieved and ought to more ambitious. That is why Quit Clinics has independently reset this target to 5% Australian smokers by 2025. By employing an evidence-based harm minimisation strategy, with ongoing medical support, we believe this ambitious target can be achieved.


All Quit Clinics staff are non-judgemental and supportive. We believe that most smokers want to quit, and will be able to quit smoking if provided with the right support.

We’re Here to Help


The day you decide to put out your last cigarette is one of the most important days of your life. However, deciding to quit smoking is just the first step of an incredibly difficult journey.


For many smokers, quitting ‘cold-turkey’ or via the use of nicotine gum or patches hasn’t been possible, and many need extra medical support. Quit Clinics is an affordable, judgement-free, online medical clinic that utilises recent advancements in medicine and technology to help you quit for good.

Whether it be advice, counselling, nicotine replacement, prescription medication or cigarette alternatives like e-cigarettes/vaping, our doctors will work with you to find the best solution to assist in your quit journey.


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